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  • Please check the Loader version before updating the firmware. The checking steps are: Login to the phone's web page -> Status -> System Information -> Loader Version Number. When the Loader version number is less than V0.0.10, you need to upgrade the Loader file before updating the firmware. The Loader upgrade steps are the same as the firmware upgrade steps: Login to the phone's web page -> Management -> Firmware Upgrade -> Local Upgrade -> Select the Loader file to upgrade
  • Add -- Touch-tone configuration.
  • Add -- Support default password list.
  • Add -- Voicemail-tone configuration.
  • Add -- Support Wi-Fi WPA-Enterprise authentication.
  • Enhanced -- Update ETSI standard parameters.
  • Enhanced -- Speed up wireless connection.
  • Enhanced -- Optimize the logic of wireless connection.
  • Fixed -- The issue of display of Traditional Chinese language.