Local Management Software
Flyingvoice Device Config (FDC) is a software used for centralized configuration and management of Flyingvoice IP phones in the local area network. It can read/modify device parameters, upload phone book, upgrade, restart and etc. With FDC, you can manage VoIP phones more conveniently and quickly from PC.
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Rich Functions
  • Enhanced Security
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective
High-efficiency Management
It provides a more effective way to manage your Flyingvoice IP phones in LAN for mass deployment and configuration, improving work efficiency of technical maintenance.
Rich Functions
FDC is able to quickly scan all the Flyingvoice IP phones in the LAN, modify parameters and restart as well as factory reset. In addition, it also supports Excel template, upload phonebook to one phone or multiple phones via csv file and more.
Centralized Management
You can modify the configuration of individual devices or batch devices, and the configuration status can be viewed in real time. It supports batch firmware upgrade to ensure optimal performance.
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