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VoIP Solution for Finance Companies
In today's competitive marketplace Finance companies need a user-friendly and feature-rich telephone system to increase customer satisfaction. Flyingvoice VoIP solution can help Finance companies enhance their internal & external business communications and benefit from advanced phone system features that are often not available with traditional phone systems.
  • 1. The new phone system should be stable and reliable, and compatible with the existing PSTN analog phone system.
  • 2. IP phones should support HD voice and with rich features.
  • 3. Fully upgradable to adapt to the future expansion of the company.
  • 4. Free and flexible calls between the branches and headquarter.
  • 5. 24/7 customer support and personalized greetings and messages are available.
1. Deployed main VoIP server at headquarter and backup VoIP server at branch, and enabled dual-system hot standby.
2. Each employee was equipped with a Flyingvoice IP phone, and IP phones were registered to VoIP servers.
3. Managed all Flyingvoice IP phones with FACS (Cloud-based Auto-Configuration System).
Solution Diagram
Solution Benefits
  • 01
    All the extensions in the headquarters and branches network can make free calls to each other, reducing communication costs.
  • 02
    IP phone supports wireless connection and are compatible with the existing PSTN phone system. The phone system can be expanded easily to meet future growing demand.
  • 03
    With FACS management system, you can manage, maintain and upgrade Flyingvoice IP phones centrally and remotely.
  • 04
    IP phones are equipped with rich voice functions to meet your communication demand, such as one-click call, call transfer, call park, paging, intercom, etc.
  • 05
    The IVR solution allows you to set up personalized messages and provide 24/7 customer support, improving customer experience.
  • 06
    IP phones support G.722, Opus, AMR-WB wideband codec, users can enjoy clear and stable calls even in a noisy environment.