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SAS Solution: A 3-Minute Efficient Voice Communication Solution for SME

Solution Background:

With the improving economic environment, the position of small and micro enterprises in the market is steadily rising, and their demand for efficient and convenient communication solutions is growing.

Solution Description:

To meet this demand, Flyingvoice leverages the SAS independent networking feature of the FTA5120 adapter, combined with IP phone technology, to tailor an affordable, efficient, and convenient IP voice communication solution specifically for small and micro enterprises. This solution not only meets the increasing communication needs of these businesses but also takes into consideration cost control and practicality, making it an ideal choice for upgrading communication in small and micro enterprises.

Product Highlights:

FTA5120 Adapter:

1. Leveraging SAS independent networking capability to provide IP phone registration and call control processing.

2. Built-in dual FXO interfaces for external incoming and outgoing call capabilities, ensuring connectivity with the external world.

3. Supports automatic deployment, offering fast and hassle-free automatic deployment services for IP phones, enabling plug-and-play convenience.

4. Features built-in IVR auto-attendant functionality, providing reception services to enhance the company's image.

IP Phones:

1. Supports wired or wireless connectivity options, providing diversified communication methods for users.

2. Delivers high-definition voice quality, ensuring call clarity and quality, enhancing communication efficiency.

3. Users can easily make, receive, and end calls using IP phones, enabling basic communication functions.

Solution Highlights:


Small and micro enterprises prioritize cost control. This IP voice solution is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, aiming to provide high-quality communication services while minimizing communication expenses.

Easy Deployment:

With the remarkable features of the adapter, this solution can be rapidly deployed for small and micro enterprises. By utilizing the users' IP network and equipping them with IP phones, an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective IP voice communication solution can be established.

Versatile Usage Scenarios:

IP phones support both wired and wireless access, catering to the needs of different work scenarios. Additionally, the phone's PC interface facilitates convenient wired internet sharing for employees.

Scalability and Strength:

Our solution supports the rapid expansion and growth of small and micro enterprises. Whether the business scales up or expands across regions, our solution can easily adapt and provide stable and reliable communication services.