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Asterisk+SAS Solution


Asterisk is an open source software version of PBX with rich communication functions and strong flexibility. Asterisk and communication terminal equipment deployed in the cloud rely on network connections. If the network encounters problems, such as disconnection, limited bandwidth, or network failure, call quality and reliability may be affected. At the same time, Asterisk does not have an automatic deployment function, which causes inconvenience to users during configuration and use.


In order to solve the above problems, we propose a high-reliability IP communication solution of Asterisk+SAS. As a software solution that can enhance the robustness of PBX, SAS is designed to provide a redundancy solution to provide internal communication and achieve "network disconnection escape" when the cloud PBX goes offline due to network failure and other reasons. At the same time, PSTN lines are accessed through the FXO interface of its SAS equipment, retaining the ability for enterprises to connect to the outside. In addition, SAS can also automatically deliver configuration information to Flyingvoice devices through SIP PnP, eliminating the need for manual configuration, greatly improving configuration efficiency.

Solution Diagram:


①High availability:

The SAS function enables IP calls to continue despite network abnormalities, ensuring the stability and continuity of communication.

② Abnormal network protection:

When Asterisk cannot access the Internet or the network connection is abnormal, SAS can ensure the normal progress of IP communications and prevent call interruptions and business interruptions.

③Keep in touch with the outside world:

The dual FXO port design of the SAS device supports PSTN access, allowing enterprises to maintain contact with the external telephone network and ensuring smooth communication with the outside world.

④ Rapid deployment and flexible configuration:

Automatic deployment through SIP PnP simplifies the configuration and deployment process, and enables flexible network configuration according to enterprise needs.