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FLYINGVOICE : FRPS & Metaswitch Solution Recommendation

FRPS is a powerful cloud architecture re-direction server of FLYINGVOICE,specially designed for batch auto-provisioning of FLYINGVOICE products. Whether it is an IP phone, gateway or intercom device, FRPS can automatically redirect it to the user's network management server or PBX system to achieve plug-and-play and batch provision of the device.

Simple configuration, quick use

Before starting auto-provision, users only need to pre-register the MAC and SN of the device in the FRPS system and bind it to the URL (Profile URL) of the auto-provision server to complete the configuration operation.

When the device is powered on for the first time, it automatically issues a connection request to FRPS. FRPS will verify the device information (including unit type, MAC, and SN) and complete the redirection of the profile URL.

FRPS application solution - perfect compatibility with Metaswitch 

It is worth mentioning that our latest product FWR7101A has achieved perfect compatibility with Metaswitch for auto-provisioning. Through the redirection operation of FRPS, FWR7101A and Metaswitch successfully realized active communication connection, and finally Metaswitch batch configuration issued auto-provisioning profile. This move enriches the auto-provisioning solution of Metaswitch and greatly improves the efficiency of rapid equipment provision.

If you want to know more detailed provision steps, welcome to watch our " Easy VoIP: Metaswitch+FWR7101A " introduction demonstration video or consult our sales and support for more relevant information.