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Principle Introduction of SAS

Introduction to Principles

The Flyingvoice FTA5120 is a high-performance dual FXO port VoIP adapter from Flyingvoice. It not only resolves the PSTN-to-IP network integration challenge but also provides a comprehensive Stand-Alone Survivability (SAS) communication solution for businesses, built on exceptional product performance. This solution offers high flexibility, allowing for flexible network configurations of IPPBX according to user needs, or the choice of independent network deployment with FTA5120. This multi-choice approach empowers users to meet various communication requirements. Whether users opt for collaborative work with IPPBX or choose to deploy FTA5120 independently, communication stability and reliability are assured.

Integration with IP PBX

Under normal conditions, FTA5120 forwards IP phone registration and call request messages to the IPPBX for processing. However, when FTA5120 detects a connection interruption with the IPPBX via an option message, the system enters an emergency state. In this state, FTA5120 autonomously handles IP phone registration and call messages while also managing the forwarding of PSTN incoming and outgoing calls.

Independent Deployment

In an independent deployment scenario, FTA5120 has the capability to provide SIP PnP automatic deployment for IP phones within the local area network. It can independently process IP phone registration and call messages and offer IVR access services to businesses. Additionally, FTA5120 provides external calling with dual-line capabilities for IP phones, further enhancing communication reliability and flexibility.

Highlights of FTA5120

1. Flexible Configuration

The SAS communication solution offers multiple configuration options to cater to enterprise-specific network requirements, maximizing communication needs.

2. Outstanding Product Performance

It independently handles and forwards IP phone calls, ensuring call quality and data transmission stability.

3. Built-in Dual FXO Interfaces

The built-in dual FXO port can achieve seamless integration of analog call and IP communication system, which enables businesses to stay connected.

4. Support for Automatic Deployment

Provides fast and convenient automatic deployment services for IP phones, ensuring plug-and-play convenience.

5. Built-in IVR Auto-Attendant Functionality

Enhances the image of enterprise by offering auto reception service.

6. Strong Compatibility

Based on SIP V2 standards, it is compatible with the majority of IPPBX systems, greatly facilitating VoIP implementation.

7. Easy Management

Supports protocols such as TR069 and SNMP, offering various means for local configuration, remote maintenance, centralized management, along with comprehensive diagnostic and alerting features.