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FLYINGVOICE&Yeastar:Perfect Compatibility

Compatible with all platforms:

Since the release of FIP1X series IP phone in 2020, FLYINGVOICE has carried out in-depth technical exchanges with Yeastar, and completed the compatibility certification with Yeastar PBX. Subsequently, FLYINGVOICE successfully launched P1X series IP phone and P2X series IP phone. At present, all series of IP phones of FLYINGVOICE are now compatible with various platforms of Yeastar including S series VoIP PBX, P series VoIP PBX, software series PBX, call center, scheduling series, etc.

Compatible with multiple provisioning solutions:

In terms of installation and provisioning, FLYINGVOICE provides 7 auto-provisioning solutions to adapt to the user's network environment and provisioning platform environment.

Compatible features:

In the FLYINGVOICE, IP phones work with the Yestar PBX to provide users with flexible incoming and outgoing call functions, such as IVR , queues, multi-policy call route, and ring groups. At the same time, the IP phone is also adapted to the rich communication functions of the PBX, such as remote phonebook updated to local , distinctive ring tones, hot desking, and conference, providing users with a professional communication experience.

Excellent reliability and security:

The IP phone products in the FLYINGVOICE also performs well in reliability, supporting the SIP Server primary and backup function and hot standby function of the PBX to ensure the stability of communication. In terms of security, the phone supports SRTP voice encryption protocol and TLS encryption function, and provides a variety of protective measures to ensure the security of communication.