Upgrade Firmware Version V0.1.24.3 for FIP16Plus Portable IP Phone
Sep 26, 2022

The release of the latest firmware version V0.1.24.3 of the FIP16Plus portable IP phone is now available to download. It introduces new features and improvements to boost both the user and the calling experience.

Phone lock

Users can use this feature to temporarily lock their phone’s keypad when they are not using it to prevent unauthorized access. There are two methods to activate the keypad lock: password-free and 6-digit passcode encrypted.

Speed dial using number keys

By long pressing any number key but not including “1”, our phone provides more options to make a call using a speed dial, bringing more convenience to users.

Improved battery life

The best standby time of FIP16Plus battery life is affected by wireless TKIP (temporal key integrity protocol). In this upgrade, we added a TKIP mode detection mechanism to reduce the possibility of high-power consumption. We recommend users use AES (Symmetric Encryption Algorithm) with higher security.

Set the preferred band to 5GHz

The 5GHz Wi-Fi supports stronger anti-interference and more sufficient channel resources, so we add a way to set the preferred band to 5GHz on the Wi-Fi configuration of FIP16 Plus for improved call quality. Users can flexibly use the wireless configuration according to the actual environment: Wi-Fi 2.4G, Wi-Fi 5G band, and automatic.

Default account to make calls

The FIP16Plus supports 2 SIP lines. This new feature enables users to change the default account to make calls, saving time on the switch between two accounts.

In addition, we added the Japanese language as an option on the phone. Upgrade your phone now to the latest version for a better experience!

Download now:

Head over to Support > Download to download the latest firmware.

For more information on how to upgrade the firmware on the Flyingvoice phone, please visit Flyingvoice Support > FAQ.

If you have any interest or queries, please contact our sales team (sales@flyingvoice.com), thanks.