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POTS Replacement
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The sunset of POST

In 2019,
FCC Order 19-72A1 was officially issued
to grant the permission for US Telecom Carriers to retire analog lines(POTS),
indicating that the sunset of POTS is arrived.

POTS is no longer trust-worthy,
It’s time to embrace the future.

Your business transition should be swift and decisive.
Get your POTS Replacement right now!
  • Voice & Fax

    Flyingvoice POTS Replacement solution provide the same connection way to your analog phone and Fax machine, you can easily upgrade your communication system digitally while still preserving the same functionality. Get a reliable and feature-rich communication system that fits in enterprise, hospital, legal instruction right now!
  • Alarm System

    Flyingvoice POTS box can replace POTS lines for alarm monitoring. Switching to IP (internet protocol) and digital cellular will provide fast and more reliable connectivity to transmit signals from fire alarm control panels to central monitoring stations. It offers high-speed transmission, reliability, and flexibility.
  • Elevator Phone

    Traditional elevator phone lines used to only run on copper analog telephone lines. Now upgrade your elevator phone lines via VoIP technology. Choosing a reliable and compliant system and working with experienced manufacturer to ensure a smooth transition is essential.
  • POS & Vending Machine

    Flyingvoice's POTS replacement solution was explicitly designed to support modem-based applications (POS, ATM, utility meters, vending machines, etc.). Flyingvoice POTS box provide traditional dial tone for legacy equipment and transmit via cellular network, include multiple SIM cards for network redundancy, make sure your business no interrupt!
  • Voice & Fax
  • Alarm System
  • Elevator Phone
  • POS & Vending Machine

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Flyingvoice POTS Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

About POTS Replacement
  • Q What is the POTS line?
    A Plain old telephone service line (POTS) is the original analog phone line system originally used to make and receive phone calls. POTS is the basic telephone call service that individuals and businesses have been using since the 1880s.
  • Q Are POTS lines not available anymore?
    A The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1 has marked the end-of-life for traditional analog POTS line systems. Telecom providers in the United States will stop selling and maintaining POTS lines, it means that existing POTS lines are out of date and aging, no new POTS line is available.
  • Q What is alternative technology for POTS lines?
    A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communications technology that enables you to make phone calls using your broadband connection instead of landline service. As many businesses and organizations have switched to unified communications systems that use VoIP technology to facilitate voice calls, video calls, messaging and more. It is more cost-effective and reliable communication nowadays. And Flyingvoice is a VoIP expert in this industry.
  • Q Why we need to replace POTS lines ASAP?
    A The cost of an existing POTS Line is increasing rapidly. Due to the FCC’s Order, telecom providers have been increasing the pricing for existing POTS lines between 75% – 200%. POTS lines are being phased out and the cost increasing is unacceptable, it doesn’t make sense to use older technology and higher expensive than mature digital technology. Current POTS fees have started to rise and the best time to replace them is now. Before POTS become unstable and drag your business, you should complete the transition in advance to deal with the uncertainty of the future.
  • Q Why can't I replace my POTS lines with traditional VoIP directly?
    A POTS lines serve a variety of purposes, including voice communications, security alarms, emergency call boxes, fire panels, and more. VoIP technology was designed for digital phone calls.
    These devices can NOT directly work with current VoIP network, because IP packets can get dropped or voice compress distortion will cause high failure rate, and internet failure will lead to blackout for whole system.
    Another consideration is power failure. If the external power goes out, VoIP will not work. To keep VoIP up and running, a battery backup is needed.
    Flyingvoice POTS box is what your need for all these challenges , providing you with cellular internet access for network backup, VoIP gateway for great compatibility with legacy device and power backup to realize 7×24h uninterrupted operation in one box!
  • Q What is the best option to replace my POTS lines?
    A Flyingvoice has more than 10 years development on VoIP technology and rich industry experience, we understand well for customers' need for POTS replacement. Flyingvoice provide a turnkey solution for POTS replacement, including cloud service for device management and seamlessly integrates with legacy infrastructure (analog phone, alarm panel, fax machine, analog modem call etc.). 24 hours battery backup and Internet failover ensure your business no interrupt anytime!
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