Flyingvoice's wireless VoIP devices help U-tour to meet their demands on unified communication between 1) the mobile office and the related company in the same building, 2) headquarter and branches, 3) stores' unified communications platform. This complete WiFi VoIP office system achieves network, OA system and unified communications.

Customer Characteristics

  • Large office area with too
    many affiliated company

  • Too many branches and retail stores

Customer Demand

  • High independence of communication
    for each organization

  • United communication of headquarter,
    branches and retail stores

Wireless IP Office Solution

Flexibility, wireless connection allow devices to be moved freely

Easy construction & low deployment cost

Simple installation

Low calling bills and maintenance

Full enterprise communication functions

Clear calls with advanced acoustic performance

Traditional Analog Phone System

Unpleasant working environment with wires

Inconvenient construction and installation

Low flexibility with fixed positions

High calling bills and maintenance